17 August 2009

Royal blogs

My blog is just one of several blogs that focus on the royal families of the world. I thought I should make a list of some of the blogs that I have encountered.

One of the best blogs around is authored by the Norwegian historian Trond Norén Isaksen. He does not only cover royal news and events, but also finds the time to write about among others history in general, architecture, books and politics.

Ever since the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten decided to stop its “News in English” service in 2008, Trond Norén Isaksen has provided a place for non-Scandinavian readers to find news in English about both royal and non-royal major events in Norway.

I must admit that I have partly used Isaksen’s blog as a sort of template when constructing my own blog, mainly because his choice of design is so reader friendly (then again Blogspot doesn’t offer that many different ways in setting up the blog).

I promise, however, that I will not be a copycat! There is surely room for more than one royal blog covering among others the Scandinavian monarchies. There are so many different topics to write about that I don’t think it will constitute a problem. It will probably be difficult some times to avoid commenting on the same events, but the emphasis and interpretations will surely be different. I will most likely write more about genealogy than Trond Norén Isaksen, and I doubt that he will ever comment on football or ice hockey!

The blog Royal Musings by author and Queen Victoria’s Descendants expert Marlene A. Koenig is also worth a visit. She provides news and commentary about the reigning royal houses of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco as well as the former European monarchies. Especially interesting are the historical tidbits she posts almost daily.

Other blogs:

(This is an edited version of a similar list posted at the newsgroup Alt.talk.royalty on 4 May 2009.)


  1. Hi Dag, Thank you for mentioning my blog! Congratulations on your new blog. I have added you to my royal blogroll.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! Yours is a name that I've known since I've become a royal historian. I wish you luck in this blogging adventure.

    Mandy Littlefield