27 August 2009

Kennedy Family Genealogy

In my article about the death of Senator Ted Kennedy yesterday, I used the website «Kennedy Family Genealogy»as a source for information about Ted’s grandchildren.

I have noted, however, that the website has not been updated since 23 September 1999, and that is quite a while ago. There must have been many changes to the survey of the descendants of Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy since then. The genealogy does not - naturally enough - include the sixth child of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., for instance (that is Aidan Vieques Kennedy, born 2001, if you wonder).

I have googled around, but haven’t found any other website that gives a similar and updated survey of the Kennedy family and which is trustworthy and well organized (the survey at Babylon, for instance, isn’t! And the survey at Wikipedia does not give many sources). If you know of any website that I have overlooked, please tell!

I have several Kennedy books in my library, including the New York Times bestseller «Sons of Camelot. The Fate of An American Dynasty» by Laurence Leamer, published in 2004. Has any genealogy been published in print since then? If not, is anyone up for the job? :-)

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