18 April 2010

Oak Grove Cemetery, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA

Most inscriptions are easy enough to read. But the sign reads: Oak Grove Cemetery. Oldest Dated Grave: 1837. Buried here are: Thomas J. Rusk, Charles Stanfield Taylor, John S. Roberts, William S. Clark, Kelsey Harris Douglass, Captain Hayden Arnold, Haden Edwards, Edward Jefferson Star [sic!], Adolphus Sterne, John Forbes, Frost Thorne, Dr. Robert A. Irion, Thomas Young Bufford, David Rusk, Elias E. Hamilton.

Grave of Thomas Jefferson Rusk (1808-1857).

The Oak Grove Cemetery can be found east of downtown Nacogdoches in Nacogdoches County, Texas. The map will tell you where the oldest town in Texas is situated.

It was never my intention to visit Nacogdoches in the first place. I had stayed the night outside Shreveport, Louisiana and decided to take a smaller road to College Station and the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum. Somehow the highway I was driving on (either 43 or 315, I don't remember, this was in 2005) just "disappeared" (I hadn't got a GPS at the time) and I ended up on highway 59 down to Nacogdoches instead. But it was really a nice "detour"!

See also the entry for Oak Grove Cemetery at the Cemeteries of Texas website.

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