17 April 2010

Dõme des Invalides, Paris, France

Tomb of Prince Joseph Bonaparte (1868-1844), King of Neaples and Sicily (1806-1808), King of Spain and the Indies (1808-1813), Count of Survilliers from 1815.

Tomb of Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929).

Tomb of Emperor Napoléon I (1769-1821), Emperor of the French 1804-1814 and 1815.

Grave of Emperor Napoléon's son Napoléon II (1811-1832), from 1818 Duke of Reichstadt.

The church at the Invalides is large and dark and I had problems with taking good pictures with my pocket camera. Later I have discovered that my mobile phone camera usually works better than my pocket camera in such large and dark rooms. I will have to get back to the Invalides another time. If anyone wonders why a picture of the tomb of Prince Jérôme Napoléon (1784-1860), King of Westphalia (1807-1813), is missing, the reason is mentioned above! The chapel with his tomb was partly closed so it was too difficult for me to take a good photo from a distance.
Anyway, the Invalides can be reached among others by metro to La Tour-Maubourg (line 8) or Varenne (line 13). The official website can be found at http://www.lesinvalides.org/.

I visited Paris, France for the second time in October 2009. The photo presentation of the Dõme des Invalides is the last of the many cemeteries and mausoleums I visited during the visit.

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I will probably follow up with presentations of cemeteries in the United States in the near future, before heading back to Europe again. I have of course visited numerous cemeteries in my home country Norway as well, but I will come back to them at a later stage.


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