13 January 2011

Bernadotte wedding postponed

In November 2010 I wrote that Count Carl Johan "Jan" Gustaf Wilhelm Bernadotte af Wisborg, son of Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg, born Prince of Sweden, and his first wife Karin, née Nisswandt, was going to get married to Gunilla Stenfors in Hyftinge church on 8 January 2011. This would be Jan Bernadotte's 7th marriage.

The Swedish magagzine Svensk Damtidning writes today that the wedding has been postponed because Jan Bernadotte's divorce from Christiane Grandmontagne was not yet finalized (he is listed as unmarried at Ratsit.se, though).

According to Svensk Damtidning the couple insists that the wedding is still going to take place, but the divorce has to be formalized first. They said that the postponement doesn't matter too much, as this love is going to last for life.


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  1. Well, I guess the seventh time is the charm! Best of luck to them.