2 January 2011

UK: Peter and Autumn Phillips' daughter named Savannah

Last Wednesday, 29 December 2010, Peter and Autumn Phillips became parents to a girl, whose name was not made public when the announcement came from Buckingham Palace on 30 December. Peter Phillips is the son of the Princess Royal (Princess Anne) and is thus a grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II. The newborn baby girl is the queen's first great grandchild.

Several members of the British royal family attended the service at Sandringham today, and according to the local newspaper Eastern Daily Press (EDP24) the prayers included a special mention by the Rev. Jonathan Riviere for "Peter and Autumn Phillips and their daughter Savannah".

The service was attended by Queen Elizabeth II, Savannah's grandmother the Princess Royal, her husband Tim Laurence as well as the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Savannah Phillips is currently 12th in line of succession to the British throne. I guess I had hoped for a more traditional name, but obviously it is none of our business. :-) I suppose the baby has got at least one more name, which will be made public later.

(Thanks to Rafal Heydel-Mankoo for posting the link to EDP24 on his Twitter page.)



  1. For the record: I have been unable to obtain any confirmation of this name and no other news sources other than the above quoted web site are reporting it. Sincerely, RHM

  2. Thanks! I guess we should take a small reservation, then. Hopefully the journalist and reverend had got it right!