25 April 2012

Genealogen no. 1, 2012

Genealogen (i,e, "The Genealogist"), the newsletter of Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening (NSF; The Norwegian Genealogical Society), was published earlier this week, and I received my copy today.

One of the most interesting contributions this time - and most relevant to this blog - is perhaps Ole Bjørn Darrud's article Olav den Hellige Haraldssons fødested. En kildedrøfting ("Olav the Holy Haraldsson's birth place. A discussion of sources") which can also be read at NSF's website (flipbook version). A presentation (in Norwegian) can be read here.

In his article Darrud discusses the methods and sources used by Thorstein Vale, who last year in his booklet Dokumentarisk lokalisering av lav den Helliges fødested, i lendeheimen på Digrenes i det Gamle Grenland presented the theory that King Olav the Holy (Olav II Haraldsson, r. 1015-1028) was born at Nordigard Lindheim in today's Sauherad in the county of Telemark. Darrud has written a short presentation of his article (in Norwegian) at Arkivverket's users' forum (23 April 2012).

Genealogen also contains information about NSF's book project about "the Eidsvoll men", i.e. the 112 delegates to the Constituent Assembly who convened at Eidsvoll in 1814 to draw up the Constitution of Norway. The project aims among others to include the ancestry (back to their great-grandparents) of all the Eidsvoll men as well as genealogical information about their immediate family (wife, children, siblings).


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