29 May 2012

Princess Estelle of Sweden - after the christening

 I spent the Whitsun weekend at the island of Tjörn (north of Gothenburg). I didn't visit any bookstores during the stay - I am not sure if there were any in Skärhamn at all, although I passed a used bookstore - but when I went to the local supermarket I made sure to look at the various magazines which were on display.

The Swedish daily Expressen together with its sister newspapers GT and Kvällsposten had published a special issue in connection with Princess Estelle of Sweden's christening, which took place on Tuesday 22 May 2012. The magazine contains 176 photos showing the ceremony in the Palace Church, all the royal and "semi-royal" guests, members of the court and government as well as the many non-royal friends of the couple, including Caroline Kreuger Nilsson, who gave birth to the daughter Chloë 3 days before Princess Estelle was born (Crown Princess Victoria is one of Chloë's sponsors), her husband Jesper Nilsson as well as Caroline and Peder Dinkelspiel. There were also photos from the reception after the ceremony, besides the traditional "De kämpade för kärleken i sju år" ("They fought for their love for seven years"), presentations of Princess Estelle's uncle, Prince Carl Philip and aunt, Princess Madeleine, the Westling family and of Princess Estelle's royal friends and future colleagues,  including Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands and Infanta Leonor of Spain. You can also find flashbacks to the royal wedding in 2010 besides articles covering Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's life as a married couple so far, the Bernadotte dynasty and the Haga Palace where the family of three now lives.

The special issue was published on Thursday 24 May and is for sale until Wednesday 30 May (i.e. tomorrow).
Copyright: Kungahuset.se. Official photo of Princess Estelle's sponsors Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Anna Westling Söderström, the Prince of Orange (Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands), Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway together with Princess Estelle and her happy parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

The magazine therefore missed out on the official photos published by the Royal Court on Friday 25 May 2012.

The first issue of Swedish weekly magazine Svensk Damtidning after the christening came on sale on 25 May, so I gather that it missed out on the official photos as well. I didn't buy it, though. It is also on sale up to and including 30 May and boasts of 100 pages covering the Swedish royal event of the year (unless there should be a royal wedding in the fall...). If you miss out on the printed edition, then go to the magazine's website for articles and photos covering the great event.

I also bought the first issue of Sweden's new royal magazine, Kungliga Magasinet. Well, it is not that new anylonger, as it was published in April this year, but I only came across it this weekend. It is on sale also in Norway, but I haven't had much time to look for it. There is a huge Narvesen kiosk near Nationaltheatret metro station in Oslo, but too often I have to hurry from my work nearby to reach the train, meaning that I don't get enough time to check out for new magazines. Anyway, as the first issue was published in April, the June issue should be just around the corner. The first issue, 160 pages in all, includes among others an exclusive interview with Queen Silvia of Sweden, an article on her first granddaughter Princess Estelle, a presentation of Europe's royal heirs (Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway and Infanta Leonor of Spain, an interview with Count Carl Johan Bernadotte af Wisborg (made a few years ago in connection with the editor Roger Lundgren's biography of Princess Sibylla, mother of King Carl Gustaf), a story on Prince Bertil, who would have been 100 this year, a royal news section, in addition to articles on the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's visit to Sweden, "the palace of the month" (Gripsholm) and the Royal Order of the Seraphim. And much, much more! For instance a presentation of the court jeweller Bolin and RDQ editor Ted Rosvall's article "En delad dynasti" ("A divided dynasty") about King Gustaf IV Adolf, who lost the throne in 1809, and other members of the Holstein-Gottorp dynasty. Besides - many great photos! A most promising debut, and one can only hope that Roger Lundgren will have greater success with his new magazine than he had with his previous one, Queen. Kungliga Magasinet is also on Facebook and Twitter. The former page is updated regularly, while the new royal magazine's Twitter account hasn't really "taken off". Svensk Damtidning is also on Facebook, I should add.

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