13 September 2016

Grave of Michael Schmidt and family, Our Saviour's Cemetery, Oslo, Norway (Tombstone Tuesday)

© 2016 Dag Trygsland Hoelseth

Last Sunday I visited Our Saviour's Cemetery (Vår Frelsers gravlund) in Oslo in order to take photos for Slektshistoriewiki, the Norwegian Genealogy wiki, and for other projects.

I passed the small headstone of the Schmidt family and just had to take a photo of it. The headstone shows the names of overlærer (head teacher) Michael Scmidt, b. 27 April 1808, d. 13 April 1888, his wife Helene Adelaide, b. 6 October 1816, d. 7 April 1878 as well as Helene. You can only see parts of the latter's birth and death year, but it was 1847 and 1922 respectively, something also the cemetery register confirms.

The cemetery register tells that the grave (no. to which the headstone shown above belongs is leased together with grave no. However, the photo published in the register is not identical to the headstone above. In the cemetery register Michael and Helene (and other relatives) are listed in grave no., while Helene Adaleide and others are listed in no. There might be another headstone next to the above which I didn't photograph.

Anyway, you can find (parts of) the family in the 1865, 1875 and 1885 national censuses.

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