5 May 2017

King Harald and Queen Sonja 80 years' anniversary: Jubilee book published

King Harald turned 80 years old on 21 February, while Queen Sonja will be 80 on 4 July. Next week the official celebrations will take place with royal guests expected from all corners of Europe. in connection with the anniversary Aller Forlag has published a jubilee book titled Sonja & Harald. En kjærlighetshistorie («Sonja & Harald. A Love Story») (2017; ISBN: 9788232503223, softcover, 115 pages). The book costs NOK 149 (USD 17,19/Euro 15,68/GBP 13,28). The editor is Caroline Vagle, who is a royal reporter for the bi-weekly magazine Se og Hør.

The jubilee book covers Their Majesties' life before they met and their life together as Crown Prince and Crown Princess and later King and Queen. The contents:
  • Page 10: En prins er født («A Prince is born»)
  • Page 22: Borgerjenta («The commoner girl»)
  • Page 32: Sonja eller ingen («Sonja or no-one»)
  • Page 48: To blir fire («Two becomes four»)
  • Page 82: De eventyrlige reisene («The adventurous travels»)
  • Page 112: 80 ting du ikke vet («80 things you don't know»)
First of all it is a «table book» filled with great photos from a long public life together. I will report back if I come across any other similar jubilee books.

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