6 January 2019

Published articles and Slektshistoriewiki contributions, 2018, plans for 2019

Here is a survey of the articles I have written and got published during 2018. Both articles (book reviews) were published in Genealogen, the newsletter of Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening, the Norwegian Genealogical Society.
  •  ««Helt til jordens ende». Bok om de mange norsk-amerikanske misjonærene», book review, Genealogen no. 1/2018, pp. 47–49.
  • «Ny kildeutgivelse fra Riksarkivet: Lofthusoppreisten», review of Løyland, Marit (publisher). Lofthusoppreisten. Rettsmateriale frå kommisjon og høgsterett 1789–99, Oslo: Riksarkivet, 2018, in Genealogen no. 2, 2018, pp. 55–56.
I have also helped out with proofreading all issues of Genealogen and Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift published in 2018. My bibliography, although still not complete, can be viewed here.

I have mentioned earlier in my blog that I am one of the administrators of Slektshistoriewiki, the Norwegian genealogy wiki, which is administered by Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening (the Norwegian Genealogical Society). Besides administration work I have contributed with many articles over the years.

Here are some (but far from all) of the articles I written (both initiated and written most, if not all, of the updates) during 2018:

Book presentations
The articles above come in addition to the updating of many articles which I have initiated earlier. I am mostly proud of finishing (with the help of others) the project Ordliste for ættegranskere (bok) («Dictionary for genealogists»), which was started in 2015. Cato Krag-Rønne published the dictionary in 1946. He had made a collection of explanations to words and expressions which one encounters during genealogy research. We got the permission from Krag-Rønne's daughter, Bodil Gjetanger, to add all the explanations to the wiki. It took a while to finish the project, though, but I am pleased that the work was finally done. Unfortunately Gjetanger died just before I did the finishing touch on the project.

The teacher and author Guri Trygsland mentioned above was the sister of my great-grandfather Søren Trygsland (1878–1967). I have done a great deal of research on Guri's life and work, so I hope to update the article soon. I have also done the needed research on the Norwegian ancestry of Rep. Deb Haaland, so I just have to get my act together and get the work done! The article Norsk prestehistorie (is «History of the Norwegian clergy» a good translation?) is just the first step of transferring the project from the website of the Norwegian Genealogical Society to Slektshistoriewiki. Hopefully I will finish the move during 2019. I was also happy to add more details about the noble family of Mund (which died out in the male line in 1915), especially the cognatic line (non-noble, of course) which still exists today.

By the way, a survey of all my contributions to Slektshistoriewiki can be viewed here. Most of the Slektshistoriewiki articles initiated in 2018 are rather short, but believe me, it takes time to do the research needed, in addition to the writing process.

Still, I am not too satisfied with my «achivements» in 2018. I would like to have done more. Of course I can use my family and work commitments as an excuse (I don't get that much time every day to research and write), but if I could be more disciplined and focus on less projects at a time I should be able to publish more. I have done lots of research during 2018 (as in previous years), but I have too many ongoing projects, and would love to focus more on writing and publising.

David Allen Lambert, the Chief Genealogist at NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society) in Boston, Massachusetts, asked on 1 January 2019: «What #GenealogicalNewYearsResolution are you planning for 2019? Sort, organize, publish, research, visit a grave?»
This made me thinking! Yes, of couse I will do all the things he mentioned – sort, organize, publish. research, visit a grave – during 2019! But it is the publishing part which is most challenging. I really hope, if my time allows it (here I go again!), to publish more than the two book reviews and thus ad more to my bibliography. The quality is of course more important than the number of publications. But still ... So, what are my publishing plans for 2019? In the late fall of 2018 I was asked to «update» the genealogy of an old Norwegian family of German origin. It will be a time-consuming project which will certainly not be finished in 2019. The question whether I will take on this project or not has not been settled yet. Therefore, in the meantime I am thinking of working on the genealogy of one of the other families I descend from, with the possible publishing date some time in 2020. In addition I am working on a surname project which I think I can be able finish in 2019. My goal is both a printed edition as well as an e-book accessible for members of the Norwegian Genealogy Society. It all depends on what will happen with the old Norwegian family genealogy I mentioned above. Time will show ...

So, what about my blog? Obviously I have made far less updates in 2018 (48) than I did in the first years, but still I am happy with four blog articles a month on average. I think I will be satisfied with 48 blog articles in 2019 as well.

Updated on 10 March 2019 at 13.10 (correcting a mistake in the last paragraph).

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