6 July 2019

The Royal Mausoleum, Akershus Palace, Oslo

The Royal Mausoleum, Akershus Palace, Oslo. © 2019 Dag Trygsland Hoelseth.

The Royal Mausoleum in the crypt of Akershus Palace was finished in 1948. The architect Arnstein Arneberg was also responsible for drawing the sarcophaguses.

King Haakon VII (1872–1957) and Queen Maud (1869–1938) rest in the white sarcophagus made of marble, while the green sarcophagus in bronze is the last resting place of King Olav V (1903–1991) and Crown Princess Märtha (1901–1954).

I visited Akershus Palace and The Royal Mausoleum today. I moved to Oslo in August 1989, so it only took me almost 30 years go get there ...

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  1. Here are a few headstones that will need to be eventually photographed at Oslo Western Civil Cemetery (Vestre gravlund) for FaG either this autumn (September or October) or next spring. I do understand you need to concentrate more on your work and family:

    Edith Carlmar - Plot: Square 018, Row 41, Grave Number 004
    Lalla Carlsen - Plot: Square 222, Row 00, Grave Number 81
    Kristen Falkenberg
    John Castberg
    Agnete Helweg Falkenberg Malm - Plot: Felt 401, rad 02, grav 003
    A. Bredo Stabell - Plot: Square 325 Row 00 Grave number 036
    Viola Catherine "Vee" Jordan Stabell - Plot: Square 325 Row 00 Grave number 036
    Kolbjorn I. Enger - Plot: 010 13 013
    Halfdan Christensen
    Gerda Ring
    Barbra Milhilde Ring