7 June 2010

Sandar Church and Cemetery, Sandefjord, Norway, Part II

Shipowner Ole Nielsen Gogstad (1769-1854) and his second wife Karen Marie, née Grøn (1804-1882). He owned Nedre Gokstad farm, since 1907 owned by the Hunskaar family. The Gokstad ship was excavated from Gokstadhaugen in 1880.

Grave of sogneprest (vicar) Nils Joachim Kristian Vibe Stockfleth (1787-1866) and his wife Sara Cornelia Koren, née Christie (1802-1869).

Family grave of the shipping family Jahre. The most prominent member was Anders Jahre (1891-1982), who owned the Kosmos shipping company.

Captain Peter Anton Larsen (1793-1854) and his wife Anne Dorthea, née Samsing (1801-1854) as well as Karen Marie (Maja) Normann (1866-1944).

Lensmann (Sheriff) Thore Aagesen Klaveness (1767-1854).

Grave of kemner (chief cashier) O. Hanssen (1846-1925) and his family.

Lensmann (Sheriff) of Sandar 1880-1907), Anton Jakobsen (1857-1907) and his family.

Yet another shipowner, Ludvig G.S. Larsen Hauan (1836-1912), and his family.

And finally shipowner Karsten Grøn, b. 1873, who died at sea (in 1912?). His wife Augusta, née Christensen (1878-1955) was the sister of Consul Lars Christensen mentioned in part I.


Besides the cemetery register at Disnorge.no/gravminner, I have also got some information from the book "Reder- og skippergårder in Sandefjord" by Tor Bjørvik, 2009.

Updated (misspelling corrected) 8 June 2010.



  1. I just happened upon your site as I was doing some research for a friend who has an interesting story to tell. She was born in 1937 in Norway, and later immigrated to the U.S.A. In 1943/44/45 (she can't remember the exact year, when Germany was invading Norway, her family was contacted by a group (she thought it was the Red Cross), and this group, through an organized effort, sent Norwegian children to live with other families further inland to avoid the dangers of the war. She was sent to a farm in Larvik to live with some people by the last name of Hauan. She carried with her a small red notebook/diary, and the couple she lived with wrote endearments in this little book and signed their names. They also gave her a small photo of the farm and one of themselves. The husband signed his name Nikolai Hauane, and his wife's name was Magna. Over the years, she has wondered about these people who were so kind to her. They also had an daughter, Margit, a son, Johannes, and a younger daughter, Anna. She wrote a letter recently, and received a reply from Johannes' grandson. As it turns out, Nikolai's real name was Nikolai Magnus Nilsen, born 1891, Sandeherred. Just thought I'd share that with you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this story with me! How wonderful! I am pleased to hear that your friend re-established contact with the family from Larvik. By the way, you can see the entry of Nikolai Magnus' christening here (no. 63), and his entry in the 1910 census here. Nikolai, listed in the census as Andersen, eventually ended up - as you mention yourself - with the surname Nilsen (his father was named Nils).


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