9 June 2010

Sandefjord Church and Cemetery, Norway

Sandefjord gravlund (cemetery) with Sandefjord kirke (church) in the background. The brickstoned church was consecrated in 1903. The old church from 1872 was destroyed by fire in 1900. I am not doing the church any justice in this blog article, as I will focus on the cemetery, so I will have to write a piece about the church later.

The cemetery was consecrated on 3 October 1883, while the chapel (the yellow building) was ready for use in November 1884.

Family grave of the shipping family Dahl.

Gunnar Dahl (1892-1893) and Thor Fredrik Andersen (1890-1904). The former was - as far as I understand it - the son of Thor and Alfhild Dahl, the latter seems to have been a son of Thor Dahl's sister Anna Olivia (?) and Karl Fredrik Andersen.

Shipowner Thor Dahl (1862-1930) and his wife Alfhild, née Freng (1862-1925), parents of Ingrid Christensen, mentioned in the Sandar Church and Cemetery article, part I.

Thor Dahl Jr., b. 1890, died in the Atlantic in 1921.

Shipowner Peter Anton Grøn (1833-1903).

Grave of shoemaker and storekeeper Anders B. Hasle (1868-1939) and his family. A grandson married into the Hoelseth family. Sandefjord Skofabrik (Shoe factory) was established by Hasle in 1908.

Grave of shipowner Alf C. (A.C.) Olsen (1891-1955) and his wife Martha, née Reiersrud (1892-1965) as well as of their son Anton Christian (A.C.) Olsen (1918-1999). A.C. Olsen owned the Åsly estate behind Sandefjord Railway Station. The main building was demolished in the early 1990s and the estate, which included a large fruit tree park, was split up into smaller properties. One of them was bought by my parents.

Captain C.O. Larsen (1860-1924), who died in the Ross Sea on board the Sir James Clark Ross, and his wife Andrine (1863-1950), née Thorsen.

Grave of my granduncle Gunnar Johan Ekeli (1906-1983) and his second wife Berglioth (1917-1989). The other graves belong to Berglioth's family.

This picture (scanned) was taken in August 1988 and shows the Ekeli family grave, which was demolished in 2002. Interred were my great grandparents Torkild Johan Ekeli (1878-1939) and Gunda Helene, née (Ragnhildrød) Hansen (1879-1962) as well as Gunda's mother Johanne Lovise Hansen, née Jakobsdatter (1854-1946) and Gunda's brother Jørgen Hilmar Hansen (1875-1940). The grave of Gunda's third son Gunnar can be viewed in the background.

See also Part II (7 March 2011).

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