10 November 2010

Index of noble families in Norway around 1814

Lars Ove Wangensteen has at his website Wangensteen.net in form of a flipbook recently published Alfabetisk register over adelige slekter i Norge omkring 1814 og beskrivelse av deres slektsvåpen ("Alphabetical index of noble families in Norway around 1814 and description of their arms").

The information is taken from the late Tore H. Vigerust's website http://www.vigerust.net/adel/adel1814_slektsregister.html as well as the book Nyt Dansk Adelslexicon (by A. Thiseth and P.L. Wittrup, 1904). Wangensteen adds on the flipbook's front page that the chapter "Påstått adel" ("Alleged nobility") starts on p. 36. The publication is in Norwegian only.

See also my own index of the noble families, mainly based on the historian and genealogist H.J. Huitfeldt-Kaas' survey from 1886.

Updated on 9 March 2011 at 10.10 (link added).


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