23 November 2010

UK: Royal wedding date set to 29 April 2011

Clarence House announced today that the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Kate Middleton will take place on Friday 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey. The Daily Telegraph wrote last weekend that the wedding was expected to take place at the end of April next year, so the exact date did not come as a big surprise. Neither did the location, as Kate Middleton was photographed last week outside the church after "a secret visit".

Just like last week when the engagement was announced, the tweets concerning the date and location did not link directly to the press release, which appeared on the Prince of Wales' official website some time after the tweets were posted. I am a bit puzzled that the tweets and the press release couldn't appear at the same time.

The Daily Telegraph's article about the wedding date can be read here.

Published before the announcement, but interesting nevertheless, is the magazine Time's article of 16 November 2010, Britain Cheers a Royal Wedding (And Frets About the Bill).


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  1. That's because this wedding is a total chaos because 'the young generation' thinks they know better and present their elders with fait accompli and let them scramble to catch up.

    I don't understand the date. In the Netherlands it's Queen's Day, in Sweden Carl Gustaf's birthday is on the 30th. And the day isn't exactly historically clean, either. This all gives the impression of being incredibly rushed and disorganised.