7 November 2010

Christian Michelsen's grave, Gamlehaugen, Bergen, Norway

Peter Christian Hersleb Kjerschow Michelsen (b. 15 March 1857, d. 29 June 1925) was Prime Minister of Norway from 1905 to 1907 and thus played a central role in the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 as well as the election of Prince Carl of Denmark as King of Norway the same year.

The shipping magnate and politician Christian Michelsen was the son of Jacob Andreas Michelsen and Caroline Sophie Erastine Kjerschow. In 1881 he married Johanne Benedikte "Benny" Boalth Wallendahl (b. 10 September 1861, d. 6 October 1910), daughter of Rasmus Carolius Hansen Wallendahl and Johanne Cathinka Boalth. They had two children, Einar Michelsen (1882-1921) and Benny Michelsen (1887-1976).

Christian and Benny Michelsen got their last resting place in the park of Gamlehaugen, their residence at Fjøsanger outside Bergen. Gamlehaugen later became the Norwegian king's official residence in Bergen.

The photo was taken during a visit in September 2005.

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