5 November 2010

A cemetery in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When I visited Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina in July 2009, I came over this cemetery with many victims from the civil war in 1993-1994. So many young people died... I have seldom been so moved as I was during this visit...

See also Rick Steves' article Travel As a Political Act. Lessons from the Former Yugoslavia: After the War - Bosnian Hormones and a Shiny New Cemetery and Scott Shephard's blog A Photo A Day.

I will post photos of Stari Most (the famous bridge) and other sights in Mostar later on.


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  1. Nice post, Dag. And thanks for the link to my blog post over at A Photo A Day. I, too, was moved by the cemetery - especially the age of the recently buried. Sadly, it's not like other cemeteries that honor those who died in battle, as war is often waged by the elders but fought by the young.