17 November 2010

More on Kate Middleton's ancestry

Soon after The Yorkshire Evening Post's article The Leeds Connection was published on 11 September 2006, I bookmarked it in case I would need it later, for instance if/when the relationship between Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton was formalised. But when the day finally came, and I was working on my blog article about the engagement, I just couldn't find the bookmark anywhere. Fortunately the link was posted on Nobiliana Forum yesterday, and I have decided to make it available here as well. Surely it would have helped if I had checked the forum before posting my article...

The British media claims that the announcement of the engagement was delayed because of the funeral of Kate Middleton's grandfather Peter Francis Middleton (1920-2010), who died in his home in the village of Vernham Dean, Hampshire, on 2 November 2010. Prince William and the Middleton family attended his funeral on Friday 12 November.

William A. Reitwiesner's website doesn't state the birthday of Peter Middleton, only the birth year 1920. It is a pity that the details were not included in the death notice mentioned above. The England & Wales Birth Index 1916-2005 at Ancestry.com lists a Peter F. Middleton of Leeds, who was born in the period July-September 1920 and whose mother's maiden name was Lupton (Vol. 9 b, p. 827). Obviously "our" man, but we are still without the exact birthdate, even if we have got closer. I have checked other sources, including Immigration & Travel, as well. I will have to work further on this, and I guess the easy solution would be to contact the family. But maybe someone out there has the informtion already?

(By the way, this happened to be my 200th blog article.)


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