28 March 2011

The Citadel Park cemeteries, Poznan, Poland, Part II

See Part I for an introduction to the Citadel Park cemeteries.

(18) The men whose memory the headstones in this group have been erected died in captivity during the 1914-1918 war and are buried in the Prisoner of War Cemetery.

(19) To the glory of God and in memory of these five ratings of the Royal Naval Air Service who fell in Poland in July 1917 and have no know grave.

(20) To the memory of these twenty-nine men who died as prisoners of war in 1918 and were buried at the time in the Szezypiorno Prisoner of War Cemetery but whose graves are now lost. Their glory shall not be blotted out.

(21) Graves of F.H. Pratt and Private H. Walsh, both d. 1918.

(22) Graves of Private J. McGonigal and Private G. Peacock, both d. 1918.











(33) It proved too difficult to avoid including my own shadow in the picture...



(36) Polish war graves section.




(40) Graves of Marian Kubiak (22 July 1937-29 June 1956) and Waclaw Toma (7 August 1927-28 June 1956). I am not sure, but I think these were victims of the 1956 uprising.

This photo blog article starts where I left in Part I with more photos from the Old Garrison Cemetery and the other war cemeteries bordering it. As I wrote in Part I, it was not easy to see where one cemetery ended and the next started, so I would say that the photo series make a gradual transition between the cemeteries.

See also Part I, Part III and Part IV.

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