29 March 2011

The Citadel Park cemeteries, Poznan, Poland, Part III

See Part I for an introduction to the Citadel Park cemeteries.


(42) Memorial of Wasilij Czujkow (Vasily Chuikov) (1900-1982) and the Red Army. He was a Lieutenant General of the Russian Army, Hero of the Soviet Union twice and later Marshal of the Soviet Union. See Wikipedia for more details.


(44) Russian 1914-1918 memorial.


(46) Grave of Stanislaw Tetkowski (1852-1926) and his wife Maria Tetkowska, née Nowacka (1859-1936). I would have loved to know more Polish in order to explain who this gentleman was, but "mistrz" (as in "Mistrz Kowalski" below Stanislaw's name) seems to mean something like "master" or "master craftsman". Kowalski is among others a noble family in Poland, maybe there is a connection here?



(49) Greater Poland Uprising/Wielkopolska Uprising 1918-1920 memorial.

(50) Another Wielkopolska Uprising memorial.

(51) Roman Wilkanowicz (1886-1933) memorial. Described as a poet, also connected to the Wielkopolski Uprising. Polish readers are welcome to add comments!

(52) Grave of Eufemia Palacz, née Muth (1820-1893), Wojciech Palacz (1818-1876), Ewa Bajerlein, née Palacz (1853-1916) and Wojciech Bajerlein (1850-1932).


(54) Grave of Aniela Simon, d. 1863; Paulina Smakulska, d. 1867; Gabriela Bobek, d. 1867: Filipina Pelczynska, d. 1867; Aniela Turowska, d. 1871; Jadwiga Przybylska, d. 1871; Gabriela Golimska, d. 1874; Karolina Wilden, d. 1874; Gertruda Dolczewska, d. 1875. Listed under the heading "Siostry Urszulanki". Seems to be a nun order of some sort, cf. http://www.sjk.pl.

(55) Grave of Leszek Nowak (1927-1934)...


(57) "S.P. z Mazurkiewiczow Zofja Kratochwillowa (1879-1937)".

(58) Grave of Jan Zalisz (1854-1930) and Kalarzyna Zalisz (1857-193). To the right the grave of Marjan Rybacki (1900-1931).

(59) Grave of Telesfora (?) Janicka, née Madalkiewicz (1875-1934?) and Feliks Janicki (1869-1934). Of course I took most of these pictures to show the different styles of memorials at the cemeteries, so the names mean little to me (i.e. I don't know anything about them), but in case genealogists should search for them, I have at least made it easier for them...

(60) Not all the gravestones were well kept...


(62) Memorial of Captain Czeslaw Poboc-Prvsinowski. Seems to be connected to the Wielkopolska Uprising as well.

See also Part I, Part II and Part IV.

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