4 January 2020

Published articles and Slektshistoriewiki contributions, 2019

The time has come to submit an account of my work as an historian and genealogist in 2019. Here is a survey of the articles I have written and got published last year, all in Genealogen, the bi-annual newsletter of Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening (The Norwegian Genealogical Society):
  • «Bøgh II. Et avsluttet kapittel», Genealogen no. 1/2019, pp. 44–47.
  • «Tom Larsen (1960–2019)», Genealogen no. 1/2019, p. 57.
  • «Kong Haakon VII og dronning Mauds etterkommere» [«The Descendants of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud»], Genealogen no. 2/2019, pp. 10–20.
I have also helped out with proofreading most issues of Genealogen and Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift published in 2019. My bibliography can be viewed here.

As mentioned earlier in my blog, I am one of the administrators of Slektshistoriewiki, the Norwegian genealogy wiki, which is administered by Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening (the Norwegian Genealogical Society). Besides administration work I have contributed with many articles over the years.

Here are some (but far from all) of the articles I written (both initiated and written most, if not all, of the updates) during 2019:

Book presentations
The articles above come in addition to the updating of many articles which I have initiated earlier. The role as (head) administrator also involves lots of other work, including categorization, image uploading and other editing.

The number of Slektshistoriewiki articles has increased considerably during 2019, mainly because of the Norsk prestehistorie («History of the Norwegian clergy») project. I have made all of the contributions to this project so far. Hopefully the clergy lists will be done in 2020 so that I (and others) can go on writing biographies of the Norwegian clergy.

Slektshistoriewiki aside, I have many plans for research and writing during 2020. Hopefully I will be able to publish more in the new year than I did in 2019.

Last year I wrote 40 blog articles, which were 8 articles less than in 2018. I started well in the spring, but during the summer and fall I didn't get that much time to update my blog. This can partly be explained  by all the work at Slektshistoriewiki. I also traveled a lot in October (Cyprus, Poland and the United Kingdom). I hope to better in 2020 and aim to write 4 articles a month on average.

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