25 July 2010

Countess Ruth of Rosenborg has died

Countess Ruth of Rosenborg, née Nielsen, died on Sunday 25 July 2010, 85 years old.

Alice Ruth Nielsen was born in Copenhagen on 8 October 1924 as the daughter of Kai Nielsen and Edith Fischer. She was educated as a translator in French and as a Bachelor of Commerce, but after marrying Prince Flemming of Denmark she focused on raising their four children. She did, however, run Dansk Dental Depot (a wholesale dental equipment business) for 1 1/2 year and was also responsible for keeping the accounts at the farm Tranemosegaard, which the couple owned for some years.

Ruth Nielsen married Prince Flemming of Denmark, son of Prince Axel and Princess Margareta, on 24 May 1949. As the marriage was not consented, Prince Flemming lost his princely title and got the noble title Count of Rosenborg instead. Count Flemming died in 2002.

Countess Ruth left behind her four children Axel, Birger, Carl Johan and Désirée as well as ten grandchildren.

Updated 26 July 2010 at 15.40 (minor correction), and on 1 August 2010 at 18.45 (number of grandchildren corrected from 7 to 10, cf. the comment below).



  1. Dag, I am afraid you are not quite up to date - Countess Ruth actually had ten grandchildren. Count Axel has four children, Count Birger one child, Count Carl Johan two children and Désirée af Rosenborg three.

  2. Thanks for the correction! How silly of me to forget that An Online Gotha only included the agnatic descendants of Count Flemming. I will correct the article.


  3. I also have Daniel A. Willis' "The Descendants of King George I of Great Britain" in my bookshelf, and Désirée's 3 children are all listed there (p. 421), so this is just another reminder that one should spend more time checking sources before posting...