4 July 2010

Strömstad cemetery, Sweden

Strömstad in Sweden is only a short ferry trip from Sandefjord, the town I grew up in. The small Bohuslän town is a great starting point for travels further into Sweden, but also where many Norwegians go shopping - the shopping centre at Nordby is in Strömstad municipality close to the Norwegian boarder.

But Strömstad itself is actually a very nice town to visit. I made a short stop at Strömstads kyrkogård (cemetery) in October 2006. The only photo was taken with the church behind me... I hope to take more photos of the church and the cemetery next time I drop by. Strömstads kyrka (church) was consecrated in 1820.

Postscript 8 December 2010: Strömstad Church and Cemetery (Part II).


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