28 July 2010

Funeral of Prince Osman Nami Bey Effendi

HH Prince (Sultanzade) Osman Nami Bey Effendi (civil name Osman Nami Osmanoglu), the last grandchild of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II, died at Dr. Siyami Hersek Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital in Istanbul in the morning of Thursday 15 July 2010 and was laid to rest on 17 July 2010.

The Sultanzade was born in Geneval, Switzerland in 1918 as the son of Sultan Abdulhamit II's daughter Ayse Sultan. He worked as an art dealer and moved to Turkey in 1974.

The funeral was attended by many members of the Ottoman dynasty as well as the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

See Worldbulletin.net 17 July 2010 for pictures and more details.

Official website of the Ottoman Sultan Family: http://www.ottomanfamily.com.

Postscript 30 July 2010: I have been updated on the Ottoman titles and have made a few corrections accordingly.


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