5 July 2010

Prenuptial agreement between Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling

The Swedish tabloid Expressen.se published today the prenuptial agreement between Crown Princess Victoria and the then Daniel Westling (now Prince of Sweden).

The premarital agreement, which was signed at Stockholm Palace on 7 June 2010, twelve days before the wedding took place, and then registered at Solna Tingsrätt (municipal court), stipulates separation of property. In other words, everything the couple owned before the marriage, and everything they should inherit, receive as gifts or earnings through work while they are married, will remain separate property in case the marriage should end in a divorce.

The text of the agreement is now available at my website. A summary in English can be found in today's edition of The Local. The prenup should not come as a surprise to anyone, as this kind of agreement is rather common among the royals.

(I am still in the process of moving all the pages from my old website at Geocities.com to my current website Hoelseth.com, so the links to the Swedish Royal Family website don't work at present, but I hope to get it done later this week.)

Updated on Thursday 16 September 2010 at 0800 (typo corrected).


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