11 July 2010

Fjällbacka Church and Cemetery, Tanum, Sweden

The grave of Jens Läckberg is mentioned in Camilla Läckberg's novel Fyrvaktaren ("The Lighthouse Keeper"), 2009. In the Norwegian edition, p. 379, one can read:
«Han ligger ved siden av Jens.» Erica pekte på en rund gravstein i vakker granitt med navnet Jens Läckberg inngravert. Jens hadde vært en god venn av faren, og de husket ham godt fra oppveksten. En blid, sosial og spøkefull mann med trivelig ølmage. («He is lying next to Jens.» Erica pointed at a round gravestone in beautiful granite with the name Jens Läckberg engraved. Jens had been a good friend of their father, and they remembered him well from when they were growing up. A friendly, social and humorous man with a charming beer gut. (Blog editor's translation.))
Presumably Camilla Läckberg had written her own father into the story.

The stranger from the sea.

A grave of German soldiers who were washed ashore during WW1. The bodies were moved to the German section of Kviberg cemetery in Gothenburg in 1966. I suppose that the grave shown in the photo is the same grave mentioned in Camilla Läckberg's novel Tyskungen ("The German Brat") from 2007, in my opinion the best book she has written so far.

Fjällbacka kyrka (church) was finished in 1892. It was built from the red granite which can only be found in Bohuslän. The cemetery was consecrated in 1907 and expanded in 1970.

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