10 July 2010

Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2, 2010

The latest issue of Royalty Digest Quarterly (no. 2, 2010) arrived earlier this week. I haven't got to start reading it yet, but a short presentation of its contents might be of interest to my blog readers.

The deadline for the issue was obviously set before the royal wedding in Stockholm, something Ted Rosvall's editorial about the big 'should Crown Princess Victoria be escorted to the altar or not' discussion reveals. The discussion ended with a compromise where King Carl Gustaf escorted his eldest daughter half-way where Daniel Westling took over. Maybe there will be an article about the wedding in the third issue?

Anyway, the second issue this year opens with Marion Wynn's article 'A Paradise Lost Forever', The Story of the Nabokov Family and their contacts with the Russian Imperial Family. RDQ's historical consultant Charlotte Zeepvat continues her traditional Family Album with a presentation of the princely house of Waldeck and Pyrmont. I love these presentations of lesser known princely houses! 3 pages with family trees are also included in the article. Zeepvat also has another article in this issue - The Bolter. Archduchess Luisa of Tuscany, Crown Princess of Saxony.

Coryne Hall is also a familiar contributor to the Royalty Digest Quarterly. Her contribution this time is named The Analytical Princess, which deals with Princess Marie of Greece, née Bonaparte, who married the Greek Prince George, second son of King George I of the Hellenes, in 1907.

A short article named Dressing a royal bride gives a reminder of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's British great-great-grandmother with the same name. CMZ is credited with the article. Robert Prentice is responsible of the contribution about Marie-José, Queen of Italy, née Princess of Belgium.

Editor and publisher Ted Rosvall tells the story about the Holstein-Gottorps and the Bernadottes in the article The Old Dynasty and the New one... Provided in the article are also family trees of Holstein-Gottorp, Baden and Oldenburg.

As usual there are book reviews included - Randi Buchwaldt and Ted Rosvall's photograph book Ingrid 1910-2000 (about Queen Ingrid of Denmark, of course) is reviewed by Coryne Hall, while blogger and historian Trond Norén Isaksen gives a critical look on Lena Rangström's book En brud för kung och fosterland. Kungliga svenska bröllop från Gustav Vasa till Carl XVI Gustaf. As the title suggest, the book deals with Swedish royal weddings.

Finally, you can read the latest major genealogical news and find information about the popular Royalty Digest Weekend 2011, which will take place on 9-10 April. Some times advertisements can be as interesting as the articles - Ted Rosvall's much awaited genealogy Bernadotteättlingar (The Bernadotte Descendants) will be published in August 2010 in connection with bicentenary celebrations of the Bernadotte dynasty’s arrival in Sweden.

The front page of Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2, 2010 presents a photo of Queen Emma of the Netherlands, née Princess of Waldeck and Pyrmont, with her daughter Queen Wilhelmina, granddaughter Princess Juliana (later Queen of the Netherlands) and her son-in-law Prince Hendrik, who was born a Prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Royalty Digest Quarterly is published by Rosvall Royal Books as a successor to Royalty Digest - A Journal of Record, which was published in the period 1991-2005 by Piccadilly Rare Books.

See also my presentation of RDQ no. 1, 2010.


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