10 July 2010

Gjallarhorn no. 46, June 2010

I received the latest issue of Gjallarhorn - tidsskriftet for amatørgenealoger i alle aldre ("Gjallarhorn - the periodical for amateur genelogists of all ages") - no. 46, June 2010, last week. Gjallarhorn is published by Vestfold Slektshistorielag (Vestfold Genealogical Historical Society) and Buskerud Slektshistorielag (Buskerud Genealogical and Historical Society) and has Siri Lind Johannessen and Egil Theie as responsible editors.

I am a member of Vestfold Slektshistorielag as I originally come from Sandefjord and have a part of my ancestry from the county of Vestfold. But I also have ancestors from Modum and Norderhov in Buskerud, so I suppose I could have joined BSHL as well. But of course there are limits to how many genealogical organisations you can be a member of! At present I am a member (and deputy committee member) of Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening (the Norwegian Genealogical Society), Vestfold Slektshistorielag and Sør-Østerdal Slektshistorielag (Sør-Østerdal Genealogical Society).

The latest issue of Gjallarhorn, which comes out twice a year, has many interesting articles. One in particular is Lillian Skow's presentation of her book Størst av alt. En familiesaga fra Vestfold, which deals with the author's maternal grandfather, shoemaker and shoe factory owner Anders B. Hasle (1868-1939) and his family, who came from Tjølling in today's Larvik municipality. I have briefly mentioned Anders B. Hasle in my cemetery article of 9 June 2010.

Tove Andersen has written a nice article about the visit her US American family LeCain made last year to Flesberg and Sigdal. Besides a short presentation of the family connection, you will find interesting photos of the churches of Vatnås, Flesberg and Lyngdal churches (the last one should not be mixed up with Lyngdal church in the county of Vest-Agder!).

The genealogist Kristian Hunskaar has written two articles about Skjelland in Andebu - Skjelland i Andebu - Ola Nilsen og hans slekt and Åsulv-øtta på Skjelland i Andebu. Another genealogist, Torbjørn Steen-Karlsen, is responsible for the article Saltmester Jørgen Eliassen Steen og hustru Anne-Maries etterslekt. Jørgen Steen was German and responsible of the saltworks at Narverød and Valløy in today's Tønsberg municipality. Egil Theie also has an interesting article about the Stokke family of Stockmann.

Enough reading material to make me busy! You have to understand one of the Scandinavian languages in order to enjoy the periodical, though.


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