10 July 2010

Tanums Gestgifveri, Sweden

Tanums Gestgifveri (Tanum Inn) has two buildings - the restaurant (photo) and the hotel.

A stove in one of the restaurant rooms.

Where the breakfast was served.

First course: Köttbringa (kind of ham?). Delicious!

Main course: Baked cod.

Dessert: Rhubarb! The photo was not the sharpest I have taken, so I had to minimize it to make it look presentable!

When I celebrated my 40th birthday on 12 June this year, I skipped the idea of a big party and went instead to Tanum in Sweden and spent the weekend there together with my wife. Tanums Gestgifveri (Tanum Guesthouse or perhaps Tanum Inn) could offer a gourmetpaket, which included one night in a double room, a 3 course dinner (the ad said 4 courses, though), a welcome drink and breakfast buffet. The price was SEK 1290 per person (about 172 USD today).

The inn was opened already in 1663. The Fyrvik family, which has owned the place since 2009, is the 25th owner. Tanums Gestgifveri is situated in Tanumshede not far from the motorroad E6, and it only took 2 hours to drive from Oslo where we live.

We got a large and nice double room in the hotel and really had an great gourmet dinner with wonderful food and excellent service. The only question mark was the welcome drink, as the resturant had nothing more than citronbrus (kind of lemonade) to offer instead of alcohol. Surely the restaurant must have had guests before who either couldn't or wouldn't drink alcohol? There are so many good non-alcoholic wines as well as ciders etc. on the market and should be an alternative in any restaurant.

But all in all we had a nice stay at the inn, which was a good starting point for visits to Fjällbacka and Grebbestad nearby (will come back to this in later blog articles).

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