10 July 2010

Daniel Westling's ancestry (Part II)

Last month I wrote a short blog article about Björn Engström's book Daniel Westlings anor från Svartnäs. Med kulturhistoriska utblickar i byar och miljöer under 700 år, which deals with a part of Prince Daniel of Sweden's ancestry. I ordered the book from Ord & Bok and it arrived shortly after the royal wedding. You can also order it directly from the author (send me an e-mail and I will forward his e-mail address).

The book starts with Prince Daniel's farmors morfar (paternal grandmother's maternal grandfather) Johan Båt (1853-1947): Daniel Westling --> Olle Westling --> Frida Borg --> Anna Båt --> Johan Båt. Then it takes you back through the many centuries and ends with Johan Båt's ancestor no. 32196, Jöns Svinhuvud, who died after 1386. Along the way you not only get a lot of genealogical details, but also a presentation of the society the ancestors lived in, included a great number of pictures of farms, churches, graves etc. as well as a most useful map of Faluns kommun (Falun municipality), which borders to among others Ockelbo, Daniel's home town.

Among the sources are church books, other primary sources as well as various genealogical works published either in print and/or on the internet. The author only makes a short list of the sources used, but if you contact the author you can get more details.

As the book only deals with a part of Prince Daniel's ancestry, there is plenty of work left for other genealogists. Hopefully more details will be published later. The Swedish Riksarkivet (The Swedish National Archives) have already published family trees starting with his grandparents (March 2009).

(Thanks to blogger Trond Norén Isaksen for providing the links.]


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